About Us
Change Nepal
Change Nepal is an apolitical organisation, that was founded in 2003. It is a collective initiative of like-minded people to improve the status and defend the “Rights” of children, minors and women in Nepal. Change Nepal provides services and support to survivors and victims of internal trafficking, through education, counselling, skill trainings, health-care, reintegration and human rights awareness.

Trafficking in Nepal has two pathways:

  • 1. Internal or domestic trafficking and
  • 2. External or international trafficking.

Nepal had been an abundant source of human trafficking. Nepalese children, minors and women are lured, deceived and sold into prostitution or unlawful activities.

The exploited are sexually abused and forced into commercial activities that violate their physical, emotional and psychosocial rights. Tens of thousands of children and girls are working in establishments where extreme forms of abuse and exploitation is an integral part of the business. Unplanned and often whimsical moves of law enforcement agencies have unfortunately, not helped in fighting trafficking.

There is an alarming increase in massage parlours, cabin restaurants, 'khaja ghar' (local tea shop/eateries), ‘dohori restaurants (duet singing places), spas, discos, and so-called entertainment centres where children and girls work not only under unsafe circumstances, but are also physically and sexually abused. Poverty, family vulnerability, violence, unemployment, illiteracy and economic deceleration are some of the causes that has led to this bleak scenario.

Vision & Mission
  • Mission: Free children, minors and women from exploitation
  • Vision: Ensure rights of children, minors and women
  • Goal: Contribute towards a civilised society
  • Objectives: Protect children, minors and women in CSEC and CST

Activities & Services
  • Provide Counselling Service
  • Provide Life-Skills Trainings
  • Health Awareness and Literacy Classes
  • Provide Human Rights Education, Empowerment and Advocacy
  • Referrals for Rehabilitation, Re-integration, Protection and Prosecution

Affiliated to:
Gender Violence Control Network The Freedom Fund The Freedom Fund