Who We Are
Change Nepal
Executive Board 2021-23
Name Designation
Mohini Lama Chairperson
Dr. Bharati Adhikari Vice Chair
Sushan Pradhan Secretary
Rabi Raj Thapa (Ex-AIG) Treasurer
Kamal R. Rupakheti Executive Member
Kabina Maharjan Executive Member
Kamala Sharma Executive Member
Team Support
Name Designation
Maya Giri Outreach/Social Worker
Annu Bista Thapa Outreach/Social Worker
Anisha Tamang Finance Intern
Tara Devi Pandey Support Staff
Founder Members
Name Designation
Mahesh Pradhan Founder Chairperson
Kasturi Pradhan Founder Vice Chair
Gopu Shrestha Founder Secretary
Naresh Pradhan Founder Executive Member
Vision & Mission
  • Mission: Free children, minors and women from exploitation
  • Vision: Ensure rights of children, minors and women
  • Goal: Contribute towards a civilised society
  • Objectives: Protect children, minors and women in CSEC and CST

Activities & Services
  • Provide Counselling Service
  • Provide Life-Skills Trainings
  • Health Awareness and Literacy Classes
  • Provide Human Rights Education, Empowerment and Advocacy
  • Referrals for Rehabilitation, Re-integration, Protection and Prosecution

Affiliated to:
The Freedom Fund The Freedom Fund